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Ohio Attorneys Representing Injured Motorcyclists And Their Families

Statistics provided by the Ohio State Highway Patrol in 2021 showed a dramatic increase in annual motorcycle accident fatalities between 2018 and 2020 – from 144 to 212. Also in 2020, there were more than 3,500 nonfatal motorcycle accidents resulting in injuries. If the upward trend in motorcycle accident-related fatalities and injuries continues, more bereaved families in our state will bury their loved ones or become caregivers for recovering bikers due to motorcycle crashes.

At Leeseberg Tuttle, statistics matter less to us than our commitment to give each client undivided attention along with skillful advocacy.

Our compassionate personal injury attorneys work with nurses on staff, a network of experts, and our clients to pursue maximum available compensation despite the odds being against them.

Our Lawyers Overcome Roadblocks In Motorcycle Accident Cases

Some typical obstacles blocking the necessary compensation for someone injured in a motorcycle accident include the following:

  • Denials, delays and litigation from liable insurers
  • Anti-motorcycling biases on the part of law enforcement agents, claims adjusters and jurors
  • Limited available insurance coverage

Whatever stands in the way of the compensation you are eligible for after a motorcycle crash, you can count on our attorneys and staff to fight hard for your right to financial recovery as we do after any client’s serious traffic accident.

What Caused The Crash? We Will Find Out And Put That Information To Use For You.

More often than not, when we investigate the causes of motorcycle accidents, we uncover evidence demonstrating negligence on the part of other motorists whose errors caused serious harm to our clients. Drivers often claim they did not see motorcyclists although they had a duty to watch out while at the wheel.

Whatever the circumstances, you can rest assured that we will fight for your right to every last dollar available to you after a motorcycle crash even if insurance benefits are limited. See examples of successful outcomes described on our results page, including Harrison v. Busic and Randall v. Padgett. In both cases, we persevered and helped our clients recover maximum insurance policy payouts for their losses resulting from motorcycle accidents.

Get Results And Relief Thanks To Our Experience And Professionalism

With a strong track record behind us, we look forward to extending a lifeline of hope to you and your family as you recover from a bike crash in Ohio.

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Our Success

$44.5 million

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$8 Million

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$6.5 Million

Franklin County Wrongful Death and Survivorship Jury Verdict

$6.1 Million

Judgment after a man suffered severe adverse reactions from a flu shot

$6 Million

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$5 Million

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