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Johns Hopkins’ Physician Sexual Misconduct Case is Costing the Hospital $190M

While most people put a lot of trust in their doctors, medical professionals are only human. Some of them make mistakes, and occasionally one of them will do something that seems both terrible and intentional. Such was the case with Dr. Nikita Levy, a gynecologist who recorded his patients in secret during their exams. While this happened back in February of 2013, it has taken some time to determine what will be done about it and what kind of compensation will be provided to the victims.

Now the case is going to cost the hospital $190 million. Levy, though, was never formally charged. He committed suicide just days after all the pictures of his patients were discovered. Despite his death, the case moved forward, with 1200 videos and nearly 150 images that were stored on the servers at his home. Medical malpractice lawyers have been working with the people who were wronged, in order to ensure that they receive adequate compensation for the pain and mental anguish they’ve experienced.

Their faces cannot be seen in the videos and pictures, but that does not take away from the discomfort and distrust that many of them are now facing when it comes to their doctors and their medical care. In some cases, the victims of Levy have never been back to another gynecologist, because they’re simply too uncomfortable to see another doctor of that type, fearing that something similar could happen again. While unlikely that this would ever be the case, the discomfort and emotional issues that come with the problem are very real.

These issues should not be discounted, and cases such as this one are a large part of the reason medical malpractice attorneys are available to help people who have been wronged in numerous ways by doctors and others in the medical profession. The settlement that was approved by the judge was among the largest that have ever been approved in cases such as these, speaking to the serious nature of the crime that was committed.

Johns Hopkins’ insurance will cover the settlement, and the medical facility has stated they believe the amount is a fair balance between providing compensation for the wronged parties and still being able to provide quality care to all their patients. There were more than 8,000 patients who joined the class-action lawsuit, citing the damage that was done and that the hospital should have been more diligent regarding what one of their doctors was doing.

While it may be arguable whether the hospital really should have known about the doctor’s conduct, it is clear that there was medical malpractice that occurred, and that the women were traumatized by the actions of their doctor. Medical malpractice lawyers from eight different law firms have worked with the women. Anyone who has been the victim of medical malpractice should never be afraid to seek out the counsel of a competent attorney, in order to determine his or her options for potential compensation.

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