A Reputation Built By Success

How We Work At Leeseberg Tuttle

1. You are important to us

At the start of a relationship with Leeseberg Tuttle, you can expect an informed and interested response to your call or email. We will provide information, answers and guidance during your first contact with our firm. We understand that timing and a sense of urgency are crucial for you, and we want to make sure that you know what to do, what to say and where to turn for answers immediately after you have been injured. The team at Leeseberg Tuttle will have an in-depth conversation with you at the outset of your legal matter. Knowing full well that most people have not had the need to contact a lawyer before, we will make this experience as comfortable as possible.

2. Professional experience

Because of the successes we have had for hundreds of clients over the years, you can be assured that we will invest our comprehensive legal knowledge, professional experience and proven resources into your case.

3. A strong network of experts

We have developed a keen sense of what is required to build our clients’ cases, and we will work with you from the beginning to achieve the best outcome possible. If your case requires it, we have a strong network of experts with whom we have worked, including engineers, accident reconstruction experts, private investigators and physicians whom we do not hesitate to contact. More often than not, it is simply our reputation, legal knowledge and trial accomplishments that leads to the successful resolution of a case. All our resources are utilized once we have committed to represent you.

4. Our commitment to you

Should you have questions about the quality of the medical treatment you received, we have nurses on staff to assist us in analyzing your case.

You can expect your telephone calls to be promptly returned, and at all times you should feel confident that you are informed of recent developments in your case. Most importantly, there is no “small case.” Once Leeseberg Tuttle has committed to represent you, we will fight for you as though you are our only client.

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Our Success

$44.5 million

Verdict for injured 9 year-old in Franklin County, Ohio

$8 Million

Settlement for 18 Patients who took Baycol

$6.5 Million

Franklin County Wrongful Death and Survivorship Jury Verdict

$6.1 Million

Judgment after a man suffered severe adverse reactions from a flu shot

$6 Million

Jury Verdict Against Emergency Room Physicians

$5 Million

Verdict Against Hospital and Surgeon