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Fighting medical malpractice and negligence is an ongoing battle, and the proper handling of your case is crucial. Many people think that the value of their case is not large enough or that they do not stand a chance at obtaining a favorable verdict against an intimidating medical system or insurance company. Let us be the judge of that.

At Leeseberg Tuttle in Columbus, we have won several of Ohio’s largest medical malpractice verdicts, and we have secured substantial settlements for clients with a wide variety of case types and complexities against seemingly insurmountable odds. Our resources, skills and dedication to maximizing the compensation that our clients deserve allow us to obtain favorable settlements and verdicts that provide our clients and their families the opportunity to live fulfilling and happy lives.

Benefit From Our Results-Producing Legal Skills

Our results give you something other firms cannot offer. We personally handle every case that we take on. We accept case referrals from other lawyers in Ohio and other states, but we never farm out our cases. Once you have retained our firm, we diligently and proactively pursue the evidence that we can use to hold accountable the negligent medical professional or facility that is responsible for your injuries or the death of a loved one.

Some of the many cases we have handled include:

Our medical malpractice attorneys have extensive experience handling virtually every conceivable kind of medical negligence case, involving every medical specialty. We have developed working relationships with many of the world’s leading medical specialists, who have agreed to serve as experts on behalf of our clients.

Our staff of full-time nurses permits us to investigate and organize complex medical cases so that they can be efficiently prosecuted and persuasively presented to juries at trial.

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Speaking with one of our Columbus personal injury attorneys just may define the rest of your life. Please call us today at 855-445-6266 or contact us online to schedule an attorney consultation.

Our Success

$44.5 million

Verdict for injured 9 year-old in Franklin County, Ohio

$8 Million

Settlement for 18 Patients who took Baycol

$6.5 Million

Franklin County Wrongful Death and Survivorship Jury Verdict

$6.1 Million

Judgment after a man suffered severe adverse reactions from a flu shot

$6 Million

Jury Verdict Against Emergency Room Physicians

$5 Million

Verdict Against Hospital and Surgeon