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Medical malpractice attorneys exist to help those who have been harmed by the mistakes of doctors and other medical professionals. In cases where those mistakes lead to serious, debilitating problems or even death, it’s very important to get justice. That justice was sought recently in the case of Gregory Leigh, who lost the use of his shoulder after a surgical procedure that was not actually needed. Leigh now has permanent disfigurement of his shoulder, nerve palsy, and can’t extend his arm fully or raise it higher than his head. None of those problems with his left shoulder will get any better, and Leigh’s attorney contends that the problems were from a doctor’s misdiagnosis that could have been easily avoided.

When Leigh first went to the doctor, he assumed he had a swollen lymph node. He was examined by Dr. Schwartz, and then scheduled for a surgery that would remove the node. Unfortunately, a very simple test – that was not performed – would have indicated that Leigh had only a Bartonellosis bacterial infection that could have been easily cleared up. Bartonellosis is more commonly called cat scratch disease, and Leigh received the bacteria from a stray cat that was taken in by his partner. They live on a farm, where they often take animals in and care for them.

Since the test was not performed and the bacteria was not detected, the surgery went ahead as scheduled. That surgery left Leigh with the permanent damage to his shoulder, over which he sued Dr. Schwartz and MidState Medical Group. The trial took 2.5 weeks, and in the end the jury found for Leigh in the amount of $4.2 million. Leigh’s medical malpractice lawyers were committed to getting him a fair sum of money for the permanent loss of use he has experienced in his left shoulder and arm. That issue was made more significant by the fact that Leigh was a laborer, and will never again be able to work as he used to. The company he worked for at the time has kept him on, but in a much different capacity than before.

Those who lose their livelihood from a medical mistake generally seek out a medical malpractice lawyer to help them determine whether they have a case, and what can be done to help them financially if they can no longer work. If you’ve had an incorrect diagnosis or a medical treatment that has gone wrong and left you with injuries or other chronic problems, talking to a medical malpractice lawyer can help you decide what steps to take next.

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