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Communication issues could result in medical errors

Many people have apprehensions when it comes to seeking medical attention. Some parties may think that they do not have the means to cover the costs associated with medical care, and other individuals may worry about the procedures or treatments they may need. While these concerns can often be easily attended to with the help of financial assistance or additional information about treatments, some issues may not have such simple remedies.

You, like many other Ohio residents, may worry about the potential for medical mistakes to occur. Unfortunately, these errors are not uncommon, and even a simply procedure could turn deadly if even a seemingly small mishap takes place. Several factors could potentially contribute to a mistake affecting you.

Issues with communication

When in a medical setting, ensuring that all applicable parties remain on the same page is of the utmost importance. Because several doctors, nurses and other members of medical staff may need to attend to a single patient, all of those individuals need to know that patient’s details. Whether the communication comes in the form of written notes or verbal instructions, if that communication is not clear, someone could make a mistake for which you will suffer.

A similar issue could arise with the flow of information. You may begin your medical journey with one physician at one facility and then need to go to another medical center in order for another doctor to attend to you. When this happens, all of your information needs to transfer to your new doctor and medical facility. If it does not, a lack of information could again result in errors.

Human error

As with any type of situation, human error could easily create serious problems. If a member of the medical staff does not have the right knowledge to handle an issue, he or she could make a mistake. Additionally, some parties may be negligent in their actions in some other way, and a serious problem could result.

Negative effects

Though you sought medical attention in hopes of bettering your health, you may have ended up with even more problems than you had before. If medical mistakes resulted in this outcome, you may have cause to pursue a medical malpractice claim. This type of legal action could help you seek compensation for resulting damages that are permissible under Ohio state law.