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Leeseberg Tuttle Holds Press Conference for Mount Carmel Victims

AP photo - GSL-Allison-CST.jpg

The attorneys at Leeseberg Tuttle held a press conference today to discuss the cases against Mount Carmel and Dr. Husel. LV has been contacted by by 12 of the 27 victims that were contacted by Mount Carmel, but we have also received calls from a number of other families who suspect their loved ones may have also been victims. “This may be the tip of the iceberg and the size is unknown” said Gerry Leeseberg during the press conference. The attorneys were joined by Christine Allison, whose husband was one of the 27 victims.

The entire press conference can be viewed here.

This blog will continue to update this story as we learn more about the care and treatment provided to the victims of this horrible tragedy.

If you have been contacted by Mount Carmel about this tragedy, or believe one of your loved ones may have been a victim, please contact us to see if we can be of assistance.