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Former Client Featured in USA Today to Promote Maternal Safety

USA Today recently published an article featuring a former client as part of their “Deadly Deliveries” series detailing their investigation into maternal safety and childbirth complications in the United States. Leeseberg Tuttle represented Emilee Strezinski after she suffered complications while delivering her daughter at Community Memorial Hospital in Hicksville, Ohio. During her delivery, her doctor decided to do an episiotomy, a surgical cut to the vagina during childbirth, that resulted in severe lacerations to her rectum, anus, and sphincter and caused significant pain, leakage, constipation, and incontinence. Emilee alleged her physician was negligent in performing the episitomy and Leeseberg Tuttle was ultimately able to secure a significant settlement on her behalf.

As is detailed in USA Today’s “Deadly Deliveries” series, Emilee’s complications are not uncommon, but are entirely preventable. Since 2006, national guidelines have held episiotomies should be strictly limited to emergency situations, and even then, the decision should only be made after the mother is fully aware of the potential risks and complications. Episiotomies were long thought to actually be better for the mother, resulting in fewer complications than if the vaginal are tore naturally during childbirth. This has been disproven over the years through many studies, according to the article.

Leeseberg Tuttle would like to thank Emilee for allowing us to represent her and her family, and for her continued efforts to raise awareness about childbirth complications and maternal safety.