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Preparing for surgery in an Ohio hospital?

You only get one life and that’s why staying as healthy as possible is so important. Most Ohio residents can relate to minor health problems from time to time. You might get a bad cold or even suffer from the flu or another illness or infection. Some situations may prompt a need for surgery. If you’ve never had surgery, it’s understandable that you might feel worried and concerned about the surgeon and medical team to whom you will be entrusting your care.

In a perfect world, you’d schedule your surgery, have the procedure and enjoy a swift and full recovery. In reality, medical negligence is a serious problem in Ohio and most other states. If your surgeon or other care provider is negligent, you might suffer severe, even debilitating injuries. In worst cases, fatalities occur.

Make sure they have the right patient

You might assume that when a nurse or aid comes to wheel you to the operating room or to get anesthesia that they have the right patient. However, one of the most common medical errors happens to be wrong-patient surgery. One can only imagine the horror of awakening from surgery only to learn that the operation was meant for another person.

Confirm the procedure being done

In addition to checking your identity, your surgeon and medical team are legally responsible for making sure you have the correct surgical procedure. Wrong-procedure mistakes cause many medical patients in Ohio and elsewhere serious injuries.

Feeling bad during recovery?

Depending on your particular health condition, you may have a swift or a very long, arduous recovery. Generally speaking, however, in most cases, you should begin to feel a bit better each day. If a few days or weeks go by and you suffer a serious health decline, it may have something to do with your surgery.

In fact, another of the most common surgical errors occurs when surgeons fail to remove all foreign objects from a patients’ bodies. If there is gauze or a surgical instrument left inside of you, you may wind up in a life-threatening situation due to serious infection.

Where to seek support

There are patient advocates in most hospitals who can help make sure your medical team is properly attending to your needs. If you believe you have suffered injury from medical malpractice, there are also support networks in place to help you seek financial accountability against those whose negligence caused your injuries.