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Anesthesia mistakes endanger surgical patients

Modern surgeries can do everything from repairing and reinforcing a spiral fracture of your femur to installing medical devices that can keep your heart pumping or your blood sugar managed without daily intervention. However, all of those procedural advances would amount to nothing without modern anesthesia.

After all, there is a limit to how much pain the human body can handle before it experiences shock or another negative, secondary consequence. Modern anesthesia allows people to experience unconsciousness and avoid the pain of an operation.

Unfortunately, this incredibly important area of medicine is also an area are rife with the potential for dangerous mistakes, especially when an anesthesiologist has a heavy workload.

Anesthesiologists need to take great care

Anyone performing a medical service will want to do everything in their power to avoid provoking a negative reaction in their patients, but anesthesiologists, in particular, must familiarize themselves with their patient’s medical background, familial history and other critical details prior to administering anesthesia.

Allergies or adverse reactions to specific forms of anesthesia can run in families, which means that if a family member experienced another reaction, you may be at increased risk. In addition to making a choice about the right anesthesia to use, these highly specialized medical professionals must also administer the right dose, monitor you for your reaction, maintain the equipment carefully and ensure that there won’t be an interaction between the anesthesia and pain medication later on.

Mistakes in the administration of anesthesia can have severe outcomes, including coma, death and traumatic wakefulness during a surgical procedure.