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Spinal injuries change your life, but you can get help

You entered into an intersection on a green light and intended to make a left-hand turn. For some reason, the driver coming your way crossed the centerline. You tried to maneuver out of the way, but you were only able to put a little distance between yourself and the point of impact.

The crash set you spinning and has had an impact that will change your life forever. You suffered a serious spinal injury, so you can no longer walk. You feel fortunate that the injury wasn’t higher up and that you retained the abilities you have, but the reality is that you cannot return to work and cannot do the things you once could.

Spinal injuries change the course of a person’s life

Spinal injuries do change the course of a person’s life, so it’s essential that you get the right medical care and financial support. When another person is responsible for the injuries that you’ve suffered, it’s possible that you could file a personal injury claim against their insurance, which would help you seek the compensation that you need to support yourself now that your life has changed so significantly.

Spinal injuries can lead to many issues in your life such as:

  • Trouble walking
  • Chronic pain
  • The need for in-home health care
  • Not being able to return to work
  • Struggling to enjoy activities or hobbies you once had
  • Financial strain

If you have suffered this kind of severe injury, then it should be the other driver’s responsibility to cover your injuries. You did nothing wrong to end up in a situation like this, so they should do all they can to make the situation right.