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Study reveals which truck drivers are at a higher risk of crashing

Truck drivers have to be responsible on the roads because their actions do make a difference in how safe other drivers remain. A single error made by a truck driver can lead to multiple vehicles being involved in collisions. There could be injuries or deaths as a result.

One interesting fact that has been reported is that truck drivers who have high caffeine intake tend to crash more than others. A study performed at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom in collaboration with Virginia Tech Transport Institute, studied the data from 11,000 truck drivers in the United States including in Ohio, New Jersey, Kentucky, Virginia, Texas, California, Georgia and Illinois to identify their level of caffeine intake. Once reviewing the data, they separated that pool into the 3,007 people who qualified and divided them into drivers with high or low caffeine intake.

The study eliminated those who completely abstained and those with moderate intake. Instead, it looked at those with low intake, like a single cup of coffee a day, and those with extreme intake, which was over four caffeinated drinks per day. 

Interestingly, the study found that drivers who had their licenses longer tended to drink more caffeine and were often older. That group, 1,354 who drank more than five caffeinated drinks a day, tended to have poor health as well. These individuals slept less, based on the study, and they self-reported being involved in more traffic accidents.

This is an important study that shows the importance of good health and rest if you’re going to drive. If a truck driver hits you because of being exhausted, then it’s necessary to take steps to hold them accountable.