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Dangerous inclined sleepers could put your baby at risk

Safe sleep practices are among the most important things that parents learn about when expecting a child. If you have a new baby or are currently expecting one, you probably already realize that the best sleep environment for your child is a modern crib without any kind of blankets, pillows or toys. You want to place the child to sleep on their back and check on them frequently. 

However, when you just want the baby to nap for a few minutes while you’re doing dishes or sending a work email, going all the way to the nursery and putting the baby in the crib may seem unnecessary. Quite a few parents u inclined sleepers that they can leave in the house for their child to rest on in other rooms besides the bedroom or nursery. 

Unfortunately, these inclined sleepers are such dangerous products that consumer advocacy groups now advise that they are no longer available for sale to the public.

At least 92 babies have died in inclined sleepers so far

Multiple different companies have had no choice but to recall inclined sleepers released to the public after babies in them have rolled over and died. That is the primary safety issue these devices present. They make it too easy for a baby to move into an unsafe sleep position that could result in them suffocating. 

As a parent, you probably assume that products marketed to your child have undergone adequate testing to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, even products people believe to be safe can put your child at risk. Any family that winds up dealing with a death or a serious injury because of a dangerous product that a company should have recalled may have grounds to take legal action against the company for the impact of that defective product on their lives.