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Reasons drivers don’t see stop signs

It’s one of the easiest accidents to prevent: A driver running a stop sign. The driver on the perpendicular road stops, looks, sees the other car approaching, and then drives right in front of it because they know that the other driver has to stop. Unfortunately, that driver does not stop, blowing right through the sign and hitting the side of the other car at full speed. 

A stop sign, in theory, should prevent this from happening every time. It doesn’t, of course, because it is just a sign and can no more prevent a crash than anything else. If the driver doesn’t see it, the accident is imminent. So, why do drivers fail to see stop signs? 

As you may have guessed, distraction and inattention are two of the biggest reasons. The driver should see the sign, but they’re busy talking to someone else in the car or looking down at their phone. As the sign comes into view, they’re simply not looking for the sign or other traffic at all. They’re relying on their peripheral vision, and that can fail them with something as small as a road sign. 

There are some other potential causes. Maybe it was dark. Maybe a tree was blocking the sign. Maybe they did see the sign but they just didn’t realize how close it was. But distraction is the main reason for these types of accidents. 

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