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Don’t let the grieving process rob you of your chance for justice

Losing a parent, child or spouse is a devastating experience. Realistically, your life will never be the same. You will likely require years to handle your grief. Many psychological professionals estimate it takes between six months and four years for someone to complete the grieving process after losing an important person in their life.

Unfortunately, letting your grief run the show might mean that practical matters take a backseat to your emotional needs. You may focus more on remembering your loved one or handling your children’s struggles with the loss than the practical implications of the death.

While that isn’t always a bad thing, it might prevent your family from pursuing the justice you deserve if a loved one dies because of someone else.

Ohio lets you pursue justice in the civil courts 

When a person or a business causes the death of your loved one through negligence, inaction or wrongful behavior, they have some responsibility for the consequences of their decisions. Someone’s neglect or illegal activity might open them up to a wrongful death lawsuit if they caused a fatality.

With an Ohio wrongful death claim, it may be possible to seek compensation for medical and funeral costs, a lifetime of unearned wages and other financial consequences your family has to suffer. Unfortunately, your right to seek justice comes with certain limitations.

You only have up to two years from the date of your loved one’s death to bring a lawsuit against the person or business responsible for your loss. In other words, if you let grief take over, by the time you are done mourning your loss, it may already be too late to take legal action.

A civil claim can help reinforce your loved one’s legacy

When someone dies unexpectedly, they may leave many things undone and many financial responsibilities behind. The costs that pop up after someone’s death could consume any life insurance or savings left behind by the person who died.

Through a wrongful death lawsuit, it may be possible to protect your loved one’s legacy while simultaneously creating long-term consequences for the party responsible for your family’s tragedy. Knowing the details of wrongful death claims in Ohio can help you better protect your family after a tragic loss.