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3 reasons that distraction is a major risk for truck drivers

Commercial trucks are essential but dangerous vehicles. Given how much damage they can cause if a driver loses control, commercial drivers are typically subject to stricter regulations. For example, although there is no federal rule about texting and driving for the average person, commercial drivers are subject to a prohibition on the use of phones while driving.

The no-text rule prohibits manually entering information into mobile devices, including typing out an email or manually dialing a phone number. Unfortunately, plenty of truck drivers will break this rule while out on the road. What are some of the reasons commercial drivers knowingly violate the no-text rule?

They have to communicate for work

Some truck drivers have to make changes to their schedule or routes on the fly and therefore need to frequently communicate with their employers or clients. Despite the danger involved, a truck driver may make phone calls, read incoming messages or type out responses while driving because they view it as part of their jobs.

Being gone put strain on their relationships

Many truck drivers are on the road for multiple days at a time, which can affect their marriage or their relationship with their children. Sometimes, a mobile phone is the only way to stay connected, and the only time family members or loved ones are available is when a driver is already on the road. Since they value their relationships, they bend the rules because they assume that they will have the skill to avoid any consequences.

They want to fight boredom or stay awake at the wheel

Engaging with others or getting online can be a way to keep your brain active when you might otherwise fall asleep. Driving for hours on end can be very monotonous, so drivers may turn to their devices as a means of waking up their brains and staying engaged.

Unfortunately, truck drivers texting at the wheel may increase their reaction times because they take their hands off of the wheel. They may miss crucial visual information because they glance down at their phones, ultimately resulting in crashes that could prove tragic for the other people involved.

Understanding why commercial truck crashes occur can help you protect yourself and your family on the modern roads.