A Reputation Built By Success

Gerry Leeseberg recognized by Super Lawyers for victim advocacy

There are plenty of lawyers around Ohio offering personal injury services, but not all lawyers can obtain the best possible outcomes for their clients. Partnering with the right lawyer when you or a member of your family has suffered severe injury and hardship through the negligence or misconduct of another party is crucial to the outcome of your case.

Someone without the right experience or without a personal investment in your case could get you a settlement that may fall short of your actual costs or could fail to convince the courts about how the other party has negatively affected your life. You need to find a lawyer who cares about the outcome of your case and will advocate for you.

Some attorneys, who go above and beyond, will receive acknowledgments from professional organizations. Recently, Gerry Leeseberg was the subject of a powerful write-up in Super Lawyers magazine due to his tireless advocacy for his clients. 

A case history that shows concern for clients and a powerful drive for justice

Although some personal injury cases are merely a matter of establishing fault or documenting medical issues, others require much more preparation and knowledge. Lawyers may have to explain complex issues to members of a jury with no medical background whatsoever. Failing in this crucial duty could lead to inadequate compensation or an unsuccessful claim.

One of the cases highlighted in the Super Lawyers article about Gerry Leeseberg discusses how he used cutting-edge digital technology to counter a defense tactic. They tried to claim that a young boy suffering from being locked in his body was actually brain dead. Medical professionals define locked-in syndrome as being fully cognizant and aware but unable to interact with others or control your body. It often occurs when people have aggressive brain tumors, but it can result from other forms of neurological damage.

By using an eye-movement based communication device, it was possible to convince the jury that the young man in question was in fact intelligent, fully aware and suffering because of what had happened to him. 

Going that extra mile can make all the difference for clients

Without a real understanding of the law and the medical or financial implications of an injury, it can be almost impossible to obtain justice. The more serious the issue that has affected your family, the more important it is to know that you have someone in your corner who will leave no stone unturned until they obtain justice and compensation for your family.