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Accommodations you may need after spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury is a life-altering event, dramatically affecting an individual’s ability to move and function independently. For those living with an SCI, workplace and home environment modifications are often crucial to maintaining productivity, autonomy and quality of life. These adaptations remove barriers and create supportive environments catering to their unique needs.

For individuals with SCI, returning to work can be a key aspect of regaining independence and purpose. But to do so effectively, accommodations are often necessary.

Workspace adaptations

Adjustments may include wheelchair-accessible desks, ergonomically designed chairs and modifying restrooms for accessibility. Doors, walkways and elevators should accommodate wheelchair users. Assistive technologies such as voice recognition software, specialized keyboards and adjustable computer screens can help spinal cord injury victims work efficiently.

An individual’s job duties must be considered so both employee and employer can determine the most effective options. Employers can offer flexible work schedules or remote work options to alleviate transportation challenges and fatigue. Employers can also make small but meaningful accommodations to help an individual complete their job duties done easier.

Accommodations at home

Home is another environment where accommodations can significantly enhance the quality of life for SCI victims. Consider installing ramps, widened doorways and stairlifts for easier navigation. Bathrooms may require grab bars, shower chairs and raised toilets. Home healthcare providers, occupational therapists and professional remodeling services can help identify and implement necessary modifications.

Smart home devices, such as voice-controlled lights, thermostats and door locks, can provide SCI victims with greater control over their environment. Opt for height-adjustable counters, accessible storage and furniture that supports easy transfers from a wheelchair.

With suitable accommodations, individuals with spinal cord injuries can continue to lead fulfilling lives at work and home. Remember, each individual’s needs will be unique, so a personalized modification approach is essential. The goal is to foster an environment that promotes independence, better ensures safety and enhances quality of life. These modifications can be costly, so victims may benefit from seeking legal guidance concerning any compensation to which they may be rightfully entitled.