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Cerebral Palsy Caused During Birth

At Leeseberg Tuttle, we help our clients obtain justice, peace of mind and long-term security. When children suffer from cerebral palsy, parents suffer as well. Watching your child develop abnormally, doing everything you can to get your child top professional help and providing constantly attentive, specialized care are not only stressful and emotionally taxing, but also very costly.

Symptoms of cerebral palsy may not be noticed until your child is a toddler. Sometimes a misshapen spine, muscle weakness or stiffness, swallowing problems, a weak cry or seizures are signs of cerebral palsy, but serious symptoms may only develop over time.

It is critical to get proper medical diagnosis of any developmental problems as soon as possible. If your child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy or another birth defect, call our firm immediately.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is the result of brain damage or abnormal brain development that may occur from complications during pregnancy, at birth or just after birth. Not all cases of cerebral palsy are caused by a birth injury, but it is a distinct possibility.

Possible causes of cerebral palsy include lack of oxygen during pregnancy or birth, premature birth, infections during pregnancy and other labor and delivery problems such as:

  • Failure to perform an emergency cesarean section (C-section)
  • Failure to monitor the fetal heart or react to signs of fetal distress in a timely manner
  • Improper use of forceps or vacuum-assisted delivery during birth

Additionally, negligence on the part of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals during prenatal and neonatal care (misdiagnosis of infections and improper monitoring) can cause cerebral palsy.

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