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Justice For Those Harmed By Misread Pap Smears

Pap smears are a critical screening tool for cervical cancer. They detect cancerous or precancerous cells in the cervix. A properly interpreted pap smear can catch cervical cancer (or even precancer) early on, while it’s still very treatable. Research shows that women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer following a pap smear are successfully treated 92% of the time, versus only 66% of those diagnosed only after symptoms developed.

Unfortunately, laboratory employees and doctors sometimes make mistakes when interpreting pap smear results, which can lead to devastating consequences. At Leeseberg Tuttle in Columbus, Ohio, our attorneys are dedicated to holding medical professionals accountable for the harm caused by their negligence. We have a proven record of success recovering millions of dollars for people harmed by the medical establishment, both in individual cases and class action claims. Our attorneys understand the nuances of proving negligence in medical malpractice claims, including cases involving misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose. We can help you too.

How Pap Smear Mistakes Happen

Abnormal or uncertain pap smears may be misread as normal for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • The interpreting medical provider may fail to identify abnormal appearing cells on the Pap smear.
  • Technical errors and limitations with computerized interpretation can cause lab techs to miss cancerous or precancerous cells.
  • Understaffing can lead to excessive burdens placed on medical personnel and lab technicians, leading to rushed, sloppy work.
  • New guidelines recommend a reduced frequency of pap smears, which means that patients with a false negative may go years before having another pap smear, by which time the cancer may have spread.

An accurately interpreted pap smear can make a life-or-death difference when it comes to the early detection of cervical cancer. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cervical cancer that was missed due to a misread pap smear, you deserve answers, accountability, and justice. We can help you pursue that.

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