A Reputation Built By Success

Gerry Leeseberg featured in recent OAJ Article

Earlier this month, Gerry Leeseberg was interviewed regarding the difficulties in pursuing medical malpractice cases in Ohio by the Ohio Association for Justice, a non-profit litigation group that ensures all Ohioans have equal access to the civil justice system:

“Medical malpractice litigation is, in my opinion, the most difficult – and frustrating – of all tort litigation for the simple reason that all a defendant need do to defend such a claim is recruit an expert to opine “I do not believe the defendant fell below the accepted standard of medical care”. The readiness on the part of some defense medical experts to engage in a level of intellectual dishonesty unseen in other litigation, coupled with the general public’s willingness to “excuse” negligent medical providers, as well as the procedural and evidentiary hurdles and obstacles created specifically for the protection of negligent medical providers is unparalleled. It takes a special determination to pursue such claims, but the satisfaction of helping the victims of negligent medical care makes it worth the battle.”

-Gerry Leeseberg, Esq., Leeseberg Tuttle

Despite the frustrations, Gerry Leeseberg has been fighting for victims of medical malpractice for over 40 years. He is well-respected among his peers and has been selected as a Ohio SuperLawyer every year since 2005. If you or a loved one have been injured at the hands of a negligence doctor or other medical provider, please contact our office today to see if we can be of assistance.

OAJ Members can view a copy of the article here.