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Product Liability Cases

Listed below are examples of past cases that we were fortunate to be involved with as well as information regarding how they were resolved.

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$8 Million Settlement
Doe Plaintiffs v. Bayer Corporation

Settlement for $8 million on behalf of 18 individuals. These 18 individuals were prescribed Baycol, a cholesterol-lowering drug. However, each of these individuals developed rhabdomyolysis to varying degrees. Rhabdomyolysis is a disorder involving injury to the kidney caused by the toxic effects of the release of myoglobin. The disorder in turn can cause death, permanent kidney damage and muscle pain or weakness. Individual suits were filed on behalf of each person against Bayer Corporation and their affiliates.

$750,000 Settlement | Franklin County
Cronkleton v. Doe Corporation

Settlement for $750,000. Nathan Cronkleton – 24 years old at the time of the incident – was injured after the corn head on a combine was inadvertently activated by the combine operator. Nathan, who was standing on the corn head snouts, was knocked off balance and fell into the chains of the corn head. He was subsequently drawn into the combine. Due to the severity of his injuries, Nathan’s left leg was later amputated below the knee. Defendants argued that the Cronkletons did not operate the combine in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and that Nathan’s injuries were the proximate cause of the negligence of a third party. Plaintiffs contended that they followed standard field practices and the injury occurred because – in contrast with combines by other manufacturers that require multiple steps to activate the corn head – the subject combine was designed so that the corn head “ON” button could be depressed too easily.

$450,000 Settlement | Franklin County
Jane Doe v. Fuel Gel Defendants

Ms. Doe suffered severe burns to her arms, neck and face following the explosion of fuel gel used in an outdoor firepot. She filed suit against the manufacturer of the firepot and fuel gel, who sold both products, and the product’s owner, claiming inadequate warnings on usage and an inherently dangerous product. The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission recalled fuel gel products shortly after Ms. Doe and numerous others were seriously injured as a result of explosions of the fuel gel. During the case, we were able to prove that the retailer who sold the products to the product owner had knowledge of the dangers involved and the recall prior to Ms. Doe’s injury. However, the retailer failed to notify the product owner to discontinue use of the product or instruct the owner on safe and proper product usage. Ms. Doe resolved her case for a combined $450,000 from all defendants.

$300,000 Settlement

Man suffered injuries related to a defective metal-on-metal hip implant. As a result of the injuries, the implant had to be replaced, and the patient had to undergo additional surgeries.

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$44.5 million

Verdict for injured 9 year-old in Franklin County, Ohio

$8 Million

Settlement for 18 Patients who took Baycol

$6.5 Million

Franklin County Wrongful Death and Survivorship Jury Verdict

$6.1 Million

Judgment after a man suffered severe adverse reactions from a flu shot

$6 Million

Jury Verdict Against Emergency Room Physicians

$5 Million

Verdict Against Hospital and Surgeon