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Motorists face risks from nighttime trucking

Some truckers like to drive at night because there are fewer vehicles on the roadways. While that is understandable, this decision has the chance to impact the safety of others who share the roads with them. It is imperative that anyone who is driving after dark understands some of the issues that might occur because the risks are too great to ignore. 

One of the primary risks of nighttime driving is becoming too fatigued to drive safely. With drowsy driving, it’s possible to experience some of the same symptoms as drunk driving, including feeling confused, having a reduced reaction time and having hallucinations. Any driver who is on the road at night should ensure they get enough sleep before they head out. 

Impaired vision is another primary issue because most people can’t see as well at night as they can during the day. Truckers need to ensure the windshield is clean and that they aren’t allowing themselves to become distracted by anything. The weight and size of semitrucks, especially when they have a full load, mean that truckers need to be especially vigilant if they drive at night. Other motorists can face serious injuries if they’re hit by a big rig.

If you’re struck by a commercial truck during the overnight hours, one of the most important things you should do immediately is to make sure that your vehicle is visible to other motorists. Using reflective triangles or flares can accomplish this. Contact the police to come out for an accident investigation, and have the paramedics come to handle any injuries. 

If you suffered serious injuries in an accident with a commercial vehicle or your loved one was killed in one, you may have the right to compensation. Find out how an experienced advocate can help.