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How medical malpractice can occur with gestational diabetes patients

Being pregnant should be one of the most magical periods of your life, and a chance to celebrate the creation of new life. While many aspects of pregnancy can be extremely beautiful, there is also a lot of discomfort, pain and stress associated with pregnancy, particularly if you are dealing with additional health issues.

If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes or you have symptoms of gestational diabetes, you are potentially at a higher risk of complications than low-risk pregnancies. Gestational diabetes affects how your cells use glucose, and as a result, you may suffer from high blood sugar, which could affect your baby’s health. If you have been dissatisfied with the medical care that you have received as a gestational diabetes patient, the following is an overview of the situations in which you may be able to make a medical malpractice claim.

When your doctor failed to diagnose you with gestational diabetes

If you are displaying symptoms of gestational diabetes such as blurry vision, weight loss, nausea, increased thirst or increased tiredness, your doctor should investigate the situation and conduct the relevant tests. If your doctor dismisses your symptoms as just normal aspects of pregnancy, you may be able to show that they were negligent in doing this. If you or your baby suffered due to this, you may be able to make a medical malpractice claim.

When your doctor did not provide the proper treatment

If your doctor diagnosed you with gestational diabetes, but they did not adequately observe your glucose levels or give your insulin shots when necessary, the health of your baby may suffer. If your baby suffered due to your gestational diabetes condition, you may be able to show that this occurred due to your doctor’s negligence and be able to file a successful medical malpractice claim as a result.

Make sure that you stand up for your right to damages if you or your child has suffered unnecessarily due to gestational diabetes.