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Seeking civil justice for sexual misconduct by adults in schools

Some of the criminal acts that affect people for the longest are also the hardest to successfully prosecute. For example, sexual crimes often have an abysmal arrest rate, to say nothing of the final conviction rate.

Many people affected by sexual assault or misconduct by those in a position of authority have few options for justice, especially if some time has passed since the abuse or assault occurred. The civil courts may offer the best opportunity to hold someone accountable for their bad behavior and its impact on someone’s life.

Although many law firms shy away from litigation related to sexual misconduct, our firm has always been proud to advocate for the victims of predators. This includes bringing a lawsuit against a school district and numerous employees.

What the lawsuit alleges

It takes a lot of courage to speak up about misconduct, especially when the person accused holds professional authority of some sort. Our firm has brought a 10-count lawsuit against the Bloom-Carroll School District, the board of education, the superintendent and the athletic director Chad Little, along with other school administrators.

The complaint involves Little allegedly sexually grooming and abusing students, including a minor. There are records of inappropriate text messages going back to 2013, as well as complaints of the athletic director being out in public with minor female students or having them living in his home with him. This situation may have victimized young athletes who trusted the school to advocate for them and the professionals employed there to have their best interests at heart.

How a lawsuit helps those victimized by others

There are several ways in which a successful civil claim can help those affected by sexual misconduct, including grooming and other inappropriate actions involving young people. One of the most important is to create a permanent record of an individual being predatory, which can prevent them from holding positions of authority and victimizing others in the future.

The other is that it will create financial consequences for the perpetrator and anyone who helped cover up for them. Finally, it can be beneficial to have financial compensation for the victims themselves, who may need counseling or have fewer professional and personal opportunities because of the trauma they endured during their formative years.

Advocating on behalf of victims is one of the many ways in which our firm seeks to help improve the world through its personal injury practice.