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Mount Carmel increases total number of employees on leave to 35

The Columbus Dispatch reported yesterday that four dozen pharmacists and nurses were involved in the care and treatment of 35 patients in the Mount Carmel West ICU and have been reported to their respective state licensing boards. Of those 48 employees, 30 have been placed on paid leave and the other 18 have left the health system entirely. Mount Carmel also reports they have placed five managers on paid leave, bringing the total number to 35 employees.

Leeseberg Tuttle is working diligently to determine the level of involvement for every medical provider who had a role in permitting excessive and lethal doses of fentanyl to be administered to these 35 patients. From our review, one thing seems clear, this tragedy was the result of a system failure on the part of Mount Carmel and we will do everything in our power to hold them responsible and bring justice to the families involved.