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Ohio roadways can be dangerous: Beware of distracted drivers

You might be one of many people in Columbus or surrounding Ohio regions who drive a car to and from work each day. Even if that’s not the case, if you’re a licensed driver, you no doubt get behind the wheel at least several times per week. Long ago, many people enjoyed driving; in fact, it was common to take leisurely drives for no particular reason.

Nowadays, the risk for collision is so much higher that driving can make you feel like you’re placing your life at stake, and in some situations, you might actually be. Do you know how to recognize signs of potential danger on the road, such as if a distracted driver is traveling near you? It’s easy to become distracted while driving. If you know what to watch out for, you increase your chances of avoiding collision.

Don’t be in the 80%

Among wireless service subscribers, approximately 80% of people use cell phones while driving. It’s always best to safely pull off the road if you need to take or make a phone call. Many states have enacted laws against hand-held devices while driving.

Distracted driving fatalities

It’s no secret that distracted driving often causes serious, if not life-threatening, collisions. A few years back, more than 3,000 people died in accidents that involved drivers who were on their cell phones at the time of their accidents.

Place distance between yourself and the other driver

If you notice a car weaving left or right, it may be that the driver of the vehicle is on his or her cell phone at the wheel. Cell phone use isn’t the only distraction that can cause a collision that lands you in the hospital. Other common driving distractions include personal grooming in a rear-view mirror, using GPS devices or reaching into a pocketbook. You can report suspicious driving to 911 dispatchers.

Trying to safely distance yourself from a possibly distracted driver might save your life and your passengers’. There’s not always much you can do to avoid a crash, however, which is why it’s so important to know where to seek support if a collision occurs. Medical attention is the highest priority. Once you determine that you’re in stable condition, you may also want to speak with someone well-versed in personal injury law.